Interior Design Seminar for Real Estate Developers – Alveo Center for Excellence x DHQ

Design HQ aims to provides the highest quality Interior Design services to its clients based on their brief. From residential spaces to high rise amenities, Design HQ stays grounded to its core values—imagination and knowledge. These are the fundamentals the firm constantly strive for mastery to cultivate long-term successful designer-client relationships.

This is illustrated by Design HQ’s unwavering series of collaborations with its long-established client— Alveo Land Corporation. The firm has steadily, consistently and continuously been coming up with top-tier designs to various Alveo developments in different corners of the Philippines including Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davai. Who knows, you might have already set foot within one of these developments. Curious enough? Here’s a quick snippet of some of Design HQ’s lobby amenity designs for Alveo Land Corporation’s different property brands.

Aside from different design collaborations of various high rise amenities, Design HQ has also been regularly invited by Alveo to collaborate in holding talks and seminars to deepen their understanding of Interior Design.

Alveo Land Corporation has recently established Alveo Center for Excellence— the company’s in-house training academy for its employees.  Recognizing they key role of Interior Design in their business model, Alveo invited Design HQ to hold two runs of seminars last January 30, 2020 and February 27, 2020 at the Alveo Blue Sky Theater in BGC.

First batch of attendees proudly holding their outputs from “Match the Swatch” Activity together with main speaker IDr. Frenjick Quesada and co-speaker IDr. Karya Tianco during the 1st run of the seminar held last January 30, 2020.

Second batch of attendees (from Marketing, Product Development, Construction Management among others) together with the Design HQ team during the 2nd run of the seminar held last February 27, 2020.

The seminar is entitled “Leveraging into the Interior Design Process” with one of Design HQ’s principal designers, IDr. Frenjick Quesada, PIID, CPA as the main speaker. Different batches of the firm’s design team were also present to facilitate the seminar. The attendees were comprised of Alveo employees from different departments such as Product Development, Marketing, Innovation & Design and Construction Management among others.

The goal of the seminar was to give its attendees an overview of the Interior Design process—from the exciting flow of creative juices when coming up with mood boards down to the adrenaline rush of seeing your design coming to life as construction progresses. The Interior Design process is an journey of immersing yourself with aesthetically pleasing and highly systematic ideas, while merging together creative and technical processes.  Different stakeholders in Alveo took a deep dive into details of the process to see how collaboration and communication strengthens the final output.

To start off with the ABCs of design, the seminar kicked off  with the “Elements of Design” where the foundation of creatives were laid.  Another key topic featured was the heart of the design process — coming up with a concept and a mood board.

Material boards: painting a design vision through textures, colors and how they contrast and complement. “Match the Swatch” was an activity to immerse the attendees on this fun process.

In creating an effective concept, DHQ shared the importance of familiarizing and exploring different styles. In line with this, another goal of the seminar was to develop the  attendees design taste through exposure to the wide ranges of Interior Design Looks.   Such an appreciation of possibilities allows formulating a distinct style that is consistent with a property’s branding and the target market. Developing a distinct style in relation to a market is vital  to Design HQ because, as a firm,  it prioritizes reflecting the individuality of its clients and their brand.

Moving on to one of the seminar’s highlights, the attendees rolled up their sleeves for a hands-on tactile yet very enjoyable activity called “Match the Swatch”. Interior Designers refer to samples of different material finishes  or “swatches”. The attendees were asked to mix and match different swatches to complete their own vision of the Interior Design look.

Participants from the batch of 1st run attendees mixing and matching sample swatches to complete the Interior Design look they envisioned.

Design HQ’s very own designers guiding the attendees on how to come up with their own sets of mood boards during the 2nd run of the seminar.

Attendees presenting their outputs and getting a one-on-one tips and coaching points from the main speaker IDr. Frenjick Quesada, PIID, CPA.

Design HQ highlighted another crucial part of the Interior Design Process— project management and execution. This particular stage of the process is a make or break stage for the Interior Design firm which as here the vision comes to life within constraints of time and cost.

Behind the aesthetically pleasing set-ups and pretty ambiance, a disciplined hardworking design team carefully keeps an eye on every detail to ensure the best design services are provided to the client.

Behind the scene photos of Design HQ’s talented designers. (Left) Lighting and furniture mock-up. (Middle) Final set-up and accessorizing. (Right) Supplier visit to check qualities of custom made furniture pieces.

Lighting mock-up for a high rise amenity project.

Furniture mock-up for a model unit project.

Final set-up of the previously mentioned furniture mock-up.

The Alveo Seminar has been a powerful tool in further strengthening an already established affiliation with one of Design HQ’s key clients.   Through sharing our expertise and knowledge, collaboration between our firm and the client’s team is stronger with better understanding of each other’s processes.

Get to know more about Design HQ and have a glimpse of its works at High Rise Amenities Projects.

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