2023 Design HQ Awards and the Leads Behind the Projects

2023 Design HQ Awards and the Leads Behind the Projects

In the 23 years of creating spaces, Design HQ always keeps in mind the vision of every client for every project. Collaboration with the client, alongside collaboration with other designers and consultants, is a key role in perfecting the art and science of design. In some of these projects, different global awarding bodies have recognized and acknowledged these efforts. For the year 2023, Design HQ is honored to have worked with ALVEO and DAMOSA LAND in the projects that bagged these awards:

Cerule By Solinea – Metro Cebu

“In the heart of Metro Cebu, this 5-tower development creates a resort-like home in the middle of the city. It’s a very fulfilling feat to be able to work on this large-scale high profile project; to be able to see it rise from scratch and work on it to its completion all while being recognized by multiple international award winning bodies. Having worked on the previous towers as well and having this award for the final tower, this feels like a grandslam.”

– Alyssa Loreto, Design Lead, Solinea Towers

Portico – Metro Manila

Portico by ALVEO was Highly Commended in the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards – Best High End Condo Development (Metro Manila)

“It feels rewarding being able to have our projects commended in different award-giving bodies, with Asia Property Awards as an example. We take pride knowing that Design HQ took part in completing the vision of the Portico Development. Working on large-scale high profile projects, you would see collaboration stemming from the brainstorming of the project brief, imaging how the site develops, planning and coordination with different trades, which leads to project execution and project completion.”

– Macon Davila, Design Lead, Portico Towers

Patio Suites – Metro Davao

“Beyond grateful to be part of the Design HQ team and to our Design Principals, who entrusted me with handling the final phases of this project. Having created this fresh and relaxed interior, I’m feeling proud along with the previous design leads, who worked collaboratively to achieve an award-winning project. This helps build our confidence and continue the existing collaborative working environment that we have internally, which radiates to our allied professionals and to our valued clients.”

– Jayvee Francisco, Design Lead, Patio Suites Tower 1

Viento at Cerca – Metro Manila

“I feel honored to be part of the design team for large-scale high profile projects like Cerca Viento. As each project serves as a valuable learning opportunity, to know that the project we’re working on is being recognized along the way bolsters our confidence, driving us to excel and successfully complete the project.”

– Jobele Tee, Design Lead, Viento at Cerca

Parkford Suites Legazpi – Metro Manila

“Large-scale high-end projects, such as Parkford, are different because it gives you the chance to explore finishes and designs you normally wouldn’t use for projects of smaller scale. Though Parkford is interesting because it started a year before the pandemic happened, so we’ve had to revisit some of the design decisions we’ve made and now take into consideration the new normal, so to speak. Happy that it won since everyone who’s been involved in the project worked very hard on it.”

– Lejeune Dela Cruz, Design Lead, Parkford Suites

Park Cascades – Metro Manila

Park Cascades by ALVEO was Awarded the Silver Award for Best Premium Condo (Luzon) in the OUTLOOK 2023

“I feel proud and excited about Park Cascades winning The Outlook Award. It makes me realize that I am a part of a whole collaborative team effort turning this large scale project into a reality, and it makes me all the more excited to see the interiors come to life soon!”

– Denille Teh, Design Lead/Advisor, Park Cascades

Bridgeport Park Buildings – Metro Davao

“Having worked on this large scale project was very interesting especially since this project is located in the very scenic Samal Island. Incorporating a luxurious harbor living in the interiors while not being able to visit the area to feel the space was very challenging. So knowing this project was given these multiple awards, along with the previous design leads, we are truly honored and excited to see this project come to life.”

– Alyssa Loreto, Design Lead, Bridgeport Park