Project Feature: Orean 1-Bedroom Model Unit

Modern, Urban, and Laid-back Home in Quezon City

The Orean One-Bedroom Model Unit project is a definition of a modern, urban, and laid-back home located in Vertis North, Quezon City. This interior has been thoughtfully designed for a bachelor in his mid-thirties, who owns a 3rd wave coffee shop and does surfing as his hobby. Underpinned by neutral colors of grays and beige while adding a brave mix of tones in green, blue, and yellow make the space modern and dynamic even at first glance. With the mix of different textures and materials, the design achieved a fresh and modern take of a bachelor’s abode.

Coming from a design firm that values collaboration, from conceptualizing to accessorizing, three interior designers developed and translated this design from a blank canvas to this modern, urban residence.

Blank Space, Blank Canvas

From a blank space to a residential masterpiece each designer shared creative ways on the process, perspective and their point of view on how this design came to life. 

“It is important to develop a design direction first for the space in order to achieve what the client is envisioning. This will also serve as a guide and foundation later on, that you will go back to everytime you find yourself lost in the design process. Having a mutually agreed design direction with the client makes it more inspired and personal.” –IDr. Terence Yu, Lead Project Designer

Site Visits

In Interior Design, it is important to recognize the relationship between design and construction. It is during this stage that a designer can see how a drawing on paper can be perceived in real and three-dimensional space. It is also by being on site that they are able to experience and get an accurate understanding of the space that they are designing. 

“In order for us to put a vision into a reality, we must be 3 steps ahead of our plans. The process includes endless coordination, checking the accuracy of the design through site visits, inspecting the furniture and lights at the supplier’s warehouse, sourcing for accessories, budgeting and time management – all of these connect the dots in order to ensure that everything will fall into place perfectly. ”  – IDr. Archie Marquez, Design Team Member

Initial SIte Visit; IDr. Terence Yu visited the site to check actual site progress.

Site Progress Visit- Team visited the site to check on the status of painting and tiling works.

Site Visit- Team is laying out manila paper to check on proportion and sizing of carpet and furniture dimensions.

Supplier Visits

It is safe to say that furniture matters the most in designing a space. In Design HQ, designers are trained to have an effective supplier relationship through productive communication skills.  From working drawings and ergonomics, until choosing the right fabric and finish shows the importance of being hands-on in this process. They prefer to counter-check the working drawings from the mock-up during supplier visits just to ensure the right proportion of the furniture in relation to the actual space. 

Being involved from the earliest stages builds a strong relationship with the supplier, minimizes mistakes, and at the same time, lets you learn first-hand how a specific piece of furniture comes together. This is also a testament of how detailed and technical furniture design can be.

Supplier Visit: Checking on the execution and progress of custom-made furniture


An eye for detail is very necessary to pick out unique accents that bring out the space’s individuality. With limitations due to the current situation, designers source for the perfect accessories through different platforms– going to shops, looking at online-selling platforms, and ordering from e-catalogues to name a few.

Sourcing in the midst of a pandemic needs thorough preparation in order to efficiently look for accessories and additional accents. In order to lessen risk of exposure, it is important to initially identify what items are needed, and where to possibly find those items. Online coordination with suppliers and looking through online catalogues are some possible ways to save time from roaming around public areas for longer periods of time.

Final Set-up

“We (interior designers) are more like storytellers in bringing our client’s visions into life. We communicate this through visuals and the design output itself. We use colors to communicate a feeling and space to define personality and interests. We transfer all our design ideas into something tangible and livable that reflect our client’s vision.” — IDr. Julia Bawi, Design Team Member

WIth a goal of designing a modern bachelor’s home that synchronizes urban sensibilities with natural elements,  the play on form through artwork and furniture pieces reflect the dynamic and adventurous soul of the client. Effective space planning and bold application of textures and colors made this space memorable and inviting with its laid-back feel. 

Watch how this final step slowly completes the picture and gives character through accessories and art to define this 1-Bedroom home in QC:

And see photos of the completed model unit:

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